Budget 2016: How it affects you

Thursday, 25 February 2016 by

The Budget delivered by Pravin Gordhan, the minister of finance (at time of this article), has been touted beforehand as the most important budget since 1994. What the people expected from him and on his agenda: He needed to restore confidence in South Africa Avoid recession Avoid ratings downgrade Because of the big budget deficit the

The Rand weakened over 30% against the US dollar from mid-2015 till end of 2015. The news headlines read: South African Politics, corruption and Nenegate is all to blame. Or is it? Although locally there was a lot of headwinds, it was not the only reason for the 30% weakening. It can be attributed to

How much is enough?

Friday, 05 February 2016 by

Enough what? Money? One can never have enough money, right? Whilst that may be true, the age old question remains: Does money equal happiness?   “If you say money can’t buy you happiness, you don’t know where to shop.” Have you heard that one before? Is this true, can we really buy happiness? I am