Spring time is here: After the provincial elections showing the Democracy is alive and kicking; Rand strengthening and hovering around R14 to the US Dollar; and GDP growth of 3.3%  quarter on quarter it feels indeed more sunny than a few months ago. If Pravin can keep his job, downgrade can be avoided and the


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Agtergrond Welvaart skepping vind plaas in ʼn omgewing wat deur politieke aktiwiteite geraak word. Die vraag word gevra hoe word welvaart geraak deur die dinamika van politiek? Watter politieke aktiwiteite bevoordeel welvaart skepping en watter vernietig welvaart?   Die internasionale invloed op welvaartskepping in SA Internasionale belangstelling in die Johannesburgse Stock Exchange (JSE) het sedert

The Retirement conundrum

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When we converse with most 20 and 30-year-olds about retirement savings, very few of them are saving for retirement out of their own will and the topic is at the bottom of the agenda.  Yet on the other side of the coin most people past their 40s, regret not having started saving earlier and feels