Bovest Portfolio Changes

Friday, 11 May 2018 by

As part of our investment process we actively change asset allocations in our ongoing search for investment growth opportunities as well as talented asset managers to add value (alpha) to our investment funds.     To smooth out our performance and to decrease volatility (movement) we decided to split some of our positions and bring

Golf requires certain character attributes that go beyond mere athletic performance. Without traits like emotion management, positive temperament and an ability to make clearheaded strategic decisions, a golfer might as well be swinging a hockey stick.   These same attributes—among others—also define successful investors. Traits like patience, focus and persistence could just as easily apply

Welvaart wenk

Thursday, 10 May 2018 by

‘n Wenk om jou welvaart te vermeerder is om jou eie onderneming te begin.  Hier volg ‘n paar gedagtes wanneer jy beluit het om jou passie te koester.       Indien jy beplan om ‘n inkomste te skep deur ‘n besigheids geleentheid te vestig, kan die surplus fondse wat jy het, aangewend word om