Before we can look forward to the rest of the year, let us just do a quick recap of 2018 so far:     Quarter 1 2018 Domestic sentiment was very positive to the new administration for South Africa and that boosted local South African based stock (SA Inc). The Rand strengthened all the way

  Every investor should have a plan or a strategy with his or her investment. You have an investment risk profile which guides us as your advisors, on how to assist you to be successful in reaching your long or short term investment goals. As an investor it is important to have a long-term view

‘n Welvaartskepper het deur middel van ‘n eenvoudige en verstaanbare strategie sy persoonlike welvaart suksesvol vermeerder. Sy welvaart skeppings se leuse was: “Simplicity is the utmost complexity.”     Sy doelwit was om binne sy persoonlike begroting te leef en gereeld surplusfondse te belê in sy persoonlike beleggingsportefeulje.   Sy beleggingsportefeulje was aggressief saamgestel met