Understanding Flexible Investments

Thursday, 07 November 2019 by

Flexible Investments are exactly as the name implies- flexible. You have access to your money when you need it so it is best suited for investors who will need liquidity of their capital. You can also add lump-sum capital investments anytime you want, these are called ad-hoc contributions. You can add regular monthly contributions as

Die verspreiding van die beleggers se risiko is fundamenteel in die samestelling van enige beleggingsportefeulje. Die plasing van ‘n deel van die belegging in buitelandse ekonomië verminder risiko deurdat beleggingskapitaal geografies versprei asook in ander geldeenhede belê word. Dit verhoog die potensiaal vir beter groei op die beleggingsportefeuljes en verskaf toegang tot industrië en maatskappye

Elke kliënt het ‘n unieke welvaart visie en by Bovest is ons trots op die manier hoe ons multi-dimensionele strategië aanwend om die onderskeie persoonlike visies te laat realiser in die soeke na ‘n beter kwaliteit van lewe. Die huidige politieke – ekonomiese omstandighede raak die implimentering van genoemde multi- dimensionele strategië van persone en

Guide to Offshore Investments

Tuesday, 10 September 2019 by

Investing is a Tug of War between Fear and Greed. With the local economy weak, local political uncertainty and the Rand going above R 15 to the Dollar everyone is looking to offshore investments for the answer. It is important to take emotions out of Investments. That is why you should have a long term

4 Enemies of Wealth Creation.

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“You cannot defeat your enemies before you know who they are.” – Anthony Horowitz Investors generally see political-, economical factors or the under-performance of their investments as the main reason that they struggle to build their wealth. The truth is that although these factors do play a part in detracting from wealth creation, there is

Should I derisk my Investments?

Friday, 14 December 2018 by

If you are feeling beaten down by the market and starting to wonder if it is ever going to change. You are not alone. Especially for South Africans the last 5 years we can feel slightly left behind with global markets rallying but in South Africa low returns was the norm of the day. After

Before we can look forward to the rest of the year, let us just do a quick recap of 2018 so far:     Quarter 1 2018 Domestic sentiment was very positive to the new administration for South Africa and that boosted local South African based stock (SA Inc). The Rand strengthened all the way

  Every investor should have a plan or a strategy with his or her investment. You have an investment risk profile which guides us as your advisors, on how to assist you to be successful in reaching your long or short term investment goals. As an investor it is important to have a long-term view

The government has identified small and medium-sized entities (SMEs) as a major contributor to future economic growth. One factor that hampers the growth of SMEs is a lack of access to equity funding.     In order to alleviate this problem the government has added Section 12J to the South African Income Tax Act as

Bovest Portfolio Changes

Friday, 11 May 2018 by

As part of our investment process we actively change asset allocations in our ongoing search for investment growth opportunities as well as talented asset managers to add value (alpha) to our investment funds.     To smooth out our performance and to decrease volatility (movement) we decided to split some of our positions and bring