Bovest: Investments

Our aim is to understand each CLIENT’S financial goals and investment needs. We then provide personalised SOLUTIONS to fit each CLIENT’S unique requirements…

We believe the multi-manager investment approach adds incredible value to the investor. Over the long term, this investment style delivers above benchmark returns at acceptable levels of risk. This is achieved by:


  • Active asset allocation strategies, and
  • Choosing the best investment advisors and strategies in each industry and asset class.

The combination of different Asset Classes and Investment styles leads to proper diversification. This ultimately creates a less volatile environment and an increased probability of achieving the desired Investment Outcome.

Through the Bovest Multimanager Funds you have access to our views on where the best opportunities exist.


Independence is our main aim so we can also offer you:

  • Other Unit Trusts (Allan Gray, Coronation, Satrix etc.);
  • Stockbroking;
  • Tax Free Savings;
  • International Investments.


“Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”

Warren Buffet

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