Bovest: Retirement Planning


Proper planning for retirement is an important but often neglected area of financial wellness. By starting early in life, you are significantly improving your chances of a carefree retirement…



A successful retirement strategy includes the following:

  • Starting early: By starting early, you benefit with interest on interest, often referred to as the 8th wonder of the world. Even saving only small amounts, can make a big difference to your retirement savings.
  • Preservation: It is key that you preserve your retirement funds when you move from one employer to the next. Early withdrawal has negative tax implications which should be avoided.
  • Regular reviews: At Bovest we assist you with regular reviews to ensure that your retirement savings are on track.
  • Delaying retirement: If at all possible, retirement should be delayed. This will improve your chances of maintaining your standard of living in retirement.

BOVEST wants to help YOU plan ahead for a carefree retirement.


The single biggest piece of financial advice retired individuals would give to someone starting out in their career was once again to start saving for retirement from an earlier age”

Sanlam Benchmark Survey, 2015

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