Bovest Wealth Management


Our CLIENTS receive comprehensive, all-inclusive financial services.

We offer a ONE STOP solution for the modern professional.

The key to finding a balance between financial and personal success is time management


– THE POWER OF A GAME PLAN – Personal specialized financial planning leads to a comfortable retirement.  A well-planned budget will allow security now and in the future.

Insight into your finances equips us to manage amongst others the following:

  • Your short term insurance needs think household and car insurance
  • Long term insurance needs think life insurance and all ancillary products
  • Medical insurance needs think medical aid
  • Various investment needs including but not limited to unit trusts etc.


A client of Bovest Wealth Management has access to the following:

  • Financial Analysis of Personal Financial Planning Requirements.
  • Appropriate Risk Planning
  • Investment- and Retirement Planning.
  • Drafting of a Will.
  • A Monthly newsletter
  • An annual invite to a presentation by one of the industry specialists on the local and international investment environments


Bovest is an Independent Financial Services Provider, which offer our clients a wide range of solutions and products to ensure that financial needs are met and financial security, ensured and understood. We are licensed to offer solutions offered by the following Financial Services Providers:

Don’t leave this crucial part of your life unattended any longer; taking an hour out of your schedule could save you countless hours in future. Contact us today to assist you with your personalized financial plan.


Most people need a planner. The ones who don’t need one are usually smart enough to use one.”–Loren Dunton.





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