Important: New Investment Reporting

At Bovest we continually try to add value to our client’s personal wealth.

With this in mind we decided to implement new Investment Reporting system that will keep the client up to date about their investment values as well as financial market commentary.

The first report will be sent to our clients in the middle of the month (+- 15th of July) which will report on the investment value as at the previous month (ending June) .


Some of the key Futures are as follows:

  • A summary will be given on your Assets under Advisor’s Management and Assets under Client’s Management ( the latter referring to investments not with Bovest, property, business assets etc.)
  • A summary of your total Assets in each Asset Class and how it compares to the Target asset allocation.Capture
  • Growth of Assets from month to month.
  • Detail of every investment at Bovest and the underlying Funds or Stocks in which you are invested into.
  • Return on Assets under Bovest’s Management. The longer we are on the system the more information it will gather.
    The Net cash Flows (Contributions – Withdrawals) will also be shown. This will not effect the return percentage.

It is important to remember building your personal wealth is a long term project and even though the investments can fluctuate monthly, it is important to keep the long term picture in mind.


Please let us know if you have any questions

Bovest Team

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