Bovest Portfolio Changes

As part of our investment process we actively change asset allocations in our ongoing search for investment growth opportunities as well as talented asset managers to add value (alpha) to our investment funds.



To smooth out our performance and to decrease volatility (movement) we decided to split some of our positions and bring in a new asset managers to diversify between different investment styles and views.


We introduced the following holdings  into our portfolios.


Coronation Strategic Income Fund

The fund represents Coronation’s “best investment view” in respect of asset allocation and security selection within the income generation space. Coronation follows a valuation driven investment approach that focuses on the valuations of securities relative to the value according to their own research. There is a strong focus in the fixed income process on the likely direction and levels (on a scenario basis) of economic variables affecting fixed income portfolios. The fund experienced lower levels of volatility than most of its peers over rolling two and three-year periods since 2009, thus giving the investor a smoother return.


Allan Gray – Orbis Global Equity Feeder Fund

The Orbis investment philosophy has a contrarian leaning and as such aims to buy shares at a discount to their intrinsic value, while often capitalizing on excessive investor pessimism. The firm believes that compelling investment opportunities often arise when investors place too much emphasis on short-term developments at the expense of long-term fundamentals. The investment process is designed to allow only the best ideas to filter into the portfolios via a three-stage research process which eliminates the weak ideas, thus raising the probability of making the right investment decisions.


We removed the Global Property holdings in our conservative and Managed portfolios in order to reduce volatility and extra costs what this asset class bring.


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