Changes to our Investment portfolios

With investments in general underperforming over the last few years, mostly because of the low performance of local shares, we did an in-depth analysis of our current portfolios to see where we can add value for our clients.


Although we took the pain in the last couple of years, we still see a lot of opportunities especially in Local shares because of low valuations.


Since late 2018 we had 4 consecutive positive months, but know we need a lot more to meet the investment objectives we set out to reach for our clients.


Making improvements is a continuous effort and therefore we made the following changes to our portfolios.

  • In an era of underperforming asset classes, costs of investments also came under pressure. For this reason, we went out and negotiated lower fees with all our external partners for all our portfolios. This cost saving will go directly through to our clients
  • In order to maintain more control over our performance, we are removing our multi-asset portfolios (except for 15% passive allocation) and moving it to experts in each asset class.
  • We researched different funds in each asset class and picked the best of each breed. For example, we introduced Sesfikile Property Fund, they specialize in Local property stocks and consistently outperformed their peers.
  • The Bovest BCI Conservative is used by a lot of our clients that need to draw an income from the portfolio. The last 3 years low growth affected their income levels and gave a lot of uncertainty to the investors. To meet our investor’s objectives we decided to de-risk the portfolio that will give more stable returns and give our clients a better peace of mind. We de-risked by reducing shares and offshore exposure.
  • We lowered the total number of funds in each portfolio to simplify and not diversify good performance delivered by our chosen funds.


With all these changes we are confident we are in a position to deliver better outcomes to our clients.


With all the different investment options at our disposal, it is important that you are in the correct portfolio to meet your investment objectives.

To make sure you are in the correct portfolio of investment, please contact your financial advisor to set up a meeting.

Kindly let us know if you have any questions.

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