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The most valuable commodity.

We can always make more money, work harder, create new companies, dig for more gold, discover new territories or develop new ideas.  But time, once time is gone, we can never get it back.

At Bovest we realise that this is the one area where we can add even more value to clients.


It is with this in mind, that we assembled a team of specialists, each with his own field of expertise to deliver a full suite of financial services to our clients, creating a once stop shop for all their financial needs.

Clients will now, through their personal Wealth Manager have access to knowledge and services in the following field:


We have enhanced our offering and independence and therefore established a new company, “Bovest Capital” to split the Investment capabilities from the advice delivered at “Bovest Wealth”  We also appointed an independent investment consultant, Esmarie Strydom to serve on the investment committee.

Esmarie has 34 years of industry experience which includes stockbroking, pension fund asset management, investment and pension fund consulting, asset management and building a life business.  She managed the investment strategy and assets of the Transnet Funds (combined R68bn) for 12 years and introduced global assets, hedge funds and private equity to the portfolios.  In October 2007 she accepted an appointment as Chief Executive Officer of Blue Ink Investments (Pty) Ltd, a Fund of Hedge Fund business in the Sanlam stable

-Long term Insurance

Whilst assisting clients in looking after their wealth, we also ensure that they and their families are taken care of should an unfortunate event occur.  We offer and advice on the full suite of long term insurance policies with the most familiar being Life cover, Critical Illness, Income protection, Disability benefits and Child protector benefits.

-Short term Insurance

Our office has the capability compare or revise quotes and handle any insurance claims relating to your home, car and other physical assets.  We also have a partnership with TWK who can assist and advise our corporate clients on Commercial short-term Insurance

-Medical aid

We assist with Medical aid quotes, benefit comparisons and claims procedures on behalf of our clients.

-Tax consulting

Tax planning is very important when it comes to any financial discussion or product. At Bovest we have two tax practitioners who can assist with tax planning and well as handle your annual Income tax return at SARS.

-Fiduciary services

This division is headed by Godfried Kotze – BCOM. ACCOUNTING, BCOM(HONS.) TAXATION, MCOM. TAXATION (UP)

Godfried is a Professional Accountant as well as a Fiduciary Specialist (member of FISA).

His services include:

-Personal and business tax planning – locally and offshore,

-Registration off companies and advising on company structure.

-Registering and advising on personal and family trusts

-Will and Testament advise

With this wide array of capabilities and offerings, linked with expertise in the various field we are sure that we can simplify the lives of our clients.  And not only do we want to be their trusted financial partner, but if we can save them TIME, we have perhaps given them something of greater value, something money cant buy.

Geo Botha CFP®

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