Investec Asset Management is rebranding as Ninety One

The Boards of Investec PLC and Investec Limited have announced that Investec Asset Management will become a separately listed entity. As a result, Investec Asset Management has taken this opportunity to create a new name and brand that will be completely separate from the Investec Group, while staying true to who they are.


As this impacts our clients at Bovest Wealth Management, we just want to address a few frequently asked questions:

Where does the name Ninety One come from?

Ninety One: A name to celebrate a year of significant change. Investec Asset Management started in South Africa in 1991, which was a year of transformative change in our country and abroad. With these positive changes came the chance to invest in a brighter future. The new name Ninety One recognises the momentous time in which Investec Asset Management started.


What is the reason for the demerger from the Investec Group

In September 2018, following a strategic review, the Boards of Investec plc and Investec Limited (collectively “Investec Group”) announced that Investec Asset Management (“IAM”) would become a separately listed entity. This decision ensured IAM will be a focused, independent asset manager, a position appreciated and valued by investment management markets. It also provides a platform from which to seek better client outcomes and growth.


What will change for Investec clients?

Investec Asset Management are changing their name and nothing else.

When they de-merge in March 2020, functional elements like phone numbers, email addresses and fund names will change, full details of which will be communicated early next year.

It is important to note that whilst the fund names will change, the underlying teams, philosophies and processes will remain the same, as will clients’ investments.


You can read more about this rebranding here.


Let us know if you have any further questions


PJ Botha CA(SA)

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