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At Bovest we will always strive to continuously improve our processes and touch points to ensure our clients receive the best information and service possible.  We have therefore recently done  a lot of work to ensure just that, including:

Bovest Newsletter

Some of you might have already seen our newly named monthly newsletter: BOVEST BULLETIN.  Our main aim was to send out a more simplistic and concise email where our readers can quickly scan through the various articles to see which one appeal to them.  When you then click on the link of the respective articles, it will redirect you to our website where you can read all the various current and past articles.

Bovest Website

It is the start of the new financial year and with that we would like to introduce you to our new look website:  We have worked on the design to make it physically appealing but also user friendly and easy to navigate and contact us.  Under “Our clients” we have differentiated between the various groups we aim to serve as we have realised that each individual and industry is vastly different and have different needs and goals.  As mentioned, all our articles from our newsletter and other relevant news, both current and historic will be hosted under the ‘Insights’ tab. 

Bovest Functions

In a time where everything is digital, fast and impersonal, we have realised there is a need for like minded individuals to come together to 1) learn something new, but also 2) just to share thoughts and ideas with like minded individuals in an informal environment.  It is with this in mind that we will be hosting a gathering every quarter on various relevant and interesting topics.  We will be making use of our partners and their expertise to host these functions with us together with an enjoyable activity such as a Gin Tasting or Wine pairing.

On the 27th of February we hosted our first function with the theme: Wealth Management Beyond SA.  PPS was our partners and they elaborated on the benefits they have for SA citizens working abroad or visiting other countries, while Lord’s boutique wine farm spoiled us with a tasting from their exclusive wine collection.

Be sure to be on the lookout for our next event sometime in the month of May

Geo Botha CFP ®, Honours

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