COVID-19: Can you claim from your Critical Illness and/or Income Protector?

The lockdown has put the entire economy under massive pressure. Most South Africans are unable to work and many are at risk to get infected by the virus. While we all take as many precautions as we can, many things remain out of our control.

Luckily there is relief for Policy Holders of risk benefits like Severe/Critical illness and Income Protectors. These risk benefits do not cover the loss of income but rather the underpinning of valid medical conditions.

Policy holders of the major Insurers that we prefer namely: PPS, Discovery and Momentum have no exclusions on these type of pandemics/COVID-19 valid claims. This does however depend on the benefit structure that you have chosen and you must have been positively tested by a reputable lab.

Speak to your Wealth Manager for more information on how and when to claim.

Ruvan J Grobler

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