Financial Plan Review: A 6 Step Workbook for long term financial success.

7 days have passed since our president announce a 21 day lockdown where all non-essential services and businesses are forced to function online.  This is a very uncertain and perhaps frustrating time for all of us, but we need to stay positive, busy and make the most of the extra time on our hands.  It is perhaps the perfect time to reflect and review the various areas in our lives with your “Finances” being one of them.

At Bovest we have created a ‘6 Step Workbook’ to guide you in setting up your financial plan.  It will force you to re-evaluate the different areas of your financial plan and to ensure you re-focus on where you are heading.

Take this time to complete the workbook to the best of your ability and then contact your advisor to work through it with you via telephone, Zoom video or a meeting after the Lockdown period.

We will appreciate your feedback on our 6 Step Workbook so please feel free to ask questions of give a comment.

Geo Botha CFP ®, Honours

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