Q&A with Bovest Client, Berrangé Nelson.

We asked our client Berrangé Nelson, Financial Manager at Gold One Group a couple of questions.
Berrangé attained his BCom Hons Financial Management qualification from the University of Pretoria.

Here’s what he had to say:

-What did you buy with your first pay-check?
I’ve always had some sort of pay-check from odd-jobs, but with my first real pay-check I bought a new set of golf clubs.

-If you could choose any other occupation, what would it be?
I would probably pursue some sort of legal career.

-What financial tip would you give to your younger self?
The correct answer is probably to save more, but my real advise would be to travel and experience as much as possible, broaden your horizons and thoughts. You will never again have so much free time.

-If you win the lotto, what will be the first thing you do with the money?
Hopefully the Euro-Millions lotto… I would treat family and friends with some of the money, would invest the bulk of the money and do some good in this world by supporting various charities that make a difference. 

-Best book you’ve read?
The autobiography of Louis Luyt, inspiring story of someone who came from nothing.

-What’s more Important in your opinion, Street smart vs Book smart?
Street Smart

-What’s the best thing about South Africa?
The quality of life and the diverse natural beauty. If you ignore the noise and negative media focus and look at real South-Africans each day just doing their best to provide for their families. We are truly blessed to be living in South Africa

-What is the one characteristic one needs to be successful?
Dedication and self-belief.

-Summarize your personal experience with Bovest?
I have been part of Bovest for a number of years. I think to best describe my experience with Bovest is that I appreciate the focus on a long-term partnership as well as the hands on approach to my investments.

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