Q&A with Bovest Client, Dané Oosthuizen.

We asked our client Dané Oosthuizen, Director at De Wet Oosthuizen Inc a couple of questions.

Dané has a Bcom Law, LLB qualification and is busy with her LLM in Labour Law. 

Here’s what she had to say:

-What did you buy with your first pay-check?
I did all the “grown-up” things and property bought clothes. Looking back I wish a bought something more significant.

-If you could choose any other occupation, what would it be?
A news anchor or a radio show host.

-What financial tip would you give to your younger self?
Don’t buy so many clothes! Rather save that money to travel the world.

-If you win the lotto, what will be the first thing you do with the money?
Buy our dream house!

-Best book you’ve read?
Redeeming love by Francine Rivers. It’s a story inspired by the Book of Hosea in the Bible. Everyone should read this book!

-What’s more Important in your opinion, Street smart vs Book smart?
Street smart! Book smart is something you can learn and develop over time.

-What’s the best thing about South Africa?
The lifestyle you can maintain. All the dreamy holiday destinations from the ocean to the bushveld to the winelands in the Western Cape. I love everything about South Africa.

-What is the one characteristic one needs to be successful?
Determination! The will to continue to pursue your dreams no matter what!

-Summarize your personal experience with Bovest?
I enjoy the strategy alignment between Bovest and my personal and professional financial goals and dreams. The team at Bovest is forward thinkers with my(the client) best interest at heart.

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