Bovest: One Stop Shop.

A one-stop shop is a business that offers multiple services and products to clients. The business strategy behind the one-stop-shop is to provide convenience and efficiency to clients, gaining loyalty and providing integrated advice. Using a one-stop-shop like Bovest can be efficient and provide insight into one’s affairs, while cross subsidizing costs, possibly making it more affordable to the individual.

Each service offered is set up as it’s own department with staff only working in their relevant department with the required skillset. This also makes it possible for Bovest to employ specialists in each field to compliment the Wealth Manager’s advice, working together as a team providing a professional service.

Making use of this strategy makes it possible for Bovest to gather all relevant information which elevates the quality of advice as many aspects of your personal financial planning are integrated.

An example of this is that Tax Planning must walk hand in hand with Investment Planning as every investment vehicle has it’s own tax implications. Another example includes Long-term Insurance and Estate Planning- insurance policies can be used to provide liquidity in a deceased’s estate.

These examples prove that it is extraordinarily important to jointly look at these aspects to provide integrated solutions with superior advice.

Bovest services include:

  • Investment Planning(Personal Goal Based Planning)
  • Investment Management(Bovest Funds and Share Portfolios)
  • Fiduciary Services(Wills and Trust Administration)
  • Short-term Insurance(Car and Home Insurance)
  • Long-term Insurance(Life Policies)
  • Medical Aid
  • Employee Benefits(Group Risk, Pension/Providend Fund, Group Medical Aid)

Ruvan J Grobler

Photo by Matteo Vistocco on Unsplash

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