Wine Tasting for a Cause Close to our Heart

We kindly invite you to join us for a virtual wine tasting to be hosted next week Thursday, the 9th of September at 18:00 via Zoom. This year we are collaborating with the highly decorated Kleine Zalze Wine Estate in Stellenbosch, and Geo will be joined by their Director of Marketing, Carina Gous and the cellarmaster RJ Botha.   Later on, we will switch over to PJ and Riaan in Pretoria where they will briefly discuss the current business landscape and they will be joined by Francis Marais, who is the head of research at our partners Glacier.

The tasting and 3 wines are completely free of charge for all Bovest clients, but you please need to register at and indicate at which Bovest office you would be able to pick up your wine:  Pretoria, Stellenbosch or Sedgefield.  

The main aim of the evening however is to raise funds in support our colleague, Marizelle who over the past couple of years has faced incredibly difficult circumstances and had to incur a lot of unexpected costs, made worse by the Covid pandemic. We will be raising the money through our friends at the Atterbury Trust who is registered for the 18A certificate donators will need for a Tax deduction. You are welcome to donate any amount you wish to either before, on or after our tasting on the 9th – please read the story below.

Registration deadline is close of business, Thursday the 2nd of September 2021.

The agenda for the 9th of September:

17:50-18:00 :  All clients join Via Zoom Link :
18:00- 18:05 : Introduction – Geo Botha
18:05-18:10 :  1st wine to be tasted – RJ Botha
18:10 -18:20 : Conversation with Carina Gous: The Wine Industry and Covid
18:20-18:30 :  The Labuschagne Family’s story – Melize en PJ Botha
18:30-18:35 : 2nd Wine to be tasted – RJ Botha
18:35-18:55 : Conversation :  Riaan Botha and Francis Marais discuss the business landscape
18:55-19:00: 3rd Wine Tasting – RJ Botha
19:00- 19:15: Q & A  – PJ Botha Facilitates : All Parties

The Labuschagne Family


Marizelle Labuschagne gave birth to Diandré Labuschagne on 4 April 2020. The visit to the gynaecologist at 35 weeks of pregnancy changed the Labuschagnes’ life forever. The sonar showed a tumour of 6 cm on the right side of Diandré’s brain. It was recommended they did a foetal assessment examination and the result showed that the baby most probably would be still born or would live only a few hours.

To everyone’s amazement and surprise, Diandré was born alive and admitted to NICU. On 6 April 2020 an MRI scan showed a very big tumour, and the prognosis was not very good. Specialists gave Diandré a 7% chance of survival within the first 24 hours, but this amazing little fighter is still fighting hard.

On 25 July 2020 Diandré was taken to theatre for his first craniotomy operation to remove the tumour. It was confirmed it was intercranial bleeding caused by a stroke, which caused infection to have spread to his whole brain. He was diagnosed with spastic Cerebral Disability, blindness, hearing loss and severe sleep apnoea. Diandré cannot cry or show emotions. He is currently on oxygen and will soon be operated on to put a feeding tube in his stomach.

Diandré and his elder brother, Diarlo both have an immune deficiency which can result in serious virus infection. Treatment, medical expenses and financial challenges are uphill obstacles the Labuschagne family face, to try to ease Diandré’s discomfort and to improve his quality of life. We, as Bovest would very much like to support the family by means of a fund raising. Every donation and contribution will help to make a big difference in their lives.


Donations can be paid into the following bank account:

Account: Atterbury Trust
Account No.: 1497004187
Bank: Nedbank Limited
Branch: 198765

Guest speaker biographies:

Carina Gous
Carina is a former global brand director for Distell’s portfolio of premium wine and spirits brands and previously held the position of Business Director: Wine Segment. She played a central role in growing and improving the company’s wine business at a global level. At the end of 2017 she also took over from financial entrepreneur Michael Jordaan as non-executive chairperson at the industry’s export promotions organization Wines of South Africa (WOSA). Most recently, she served as wine strategy advisor to various wine businesses within the industry.

RJ Botha – Cellarmaster
Growing up, RJ was always intrigued by the science of winemaking and thus studied BSc. Agric Viticulture and Oenology at the University of Stellenbosch. He started his winemaking career at Nitida Cellars in Durbanville where he won the much-coveted Diner’s Club Young winemaker of the year in 2010. RJ has been with Kleine Zalze since 2012 where he contributed significantly to building a portfolio of award-winning wines. His dedication and meticulous attention to detail resulted in Kleine Zalze winning the top honours of Winery of the Year for the Platter’s Wine Guide 2021. RJ was promoted to Cellarmaster in 2021 and runs all farming and winemaking operations at Kleine Zalze with his team of 3 winemakers and 2 viticulturists to assist him.

Francis Marais
Francis is a CFA® charterholder and holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) degree in Financial Analysis from the University of Stellenbosch. Francis completed his MBA through the University of Stellenbosch Business School (USB) in 2020. He started his career at Sanlam Employee Benefits, before spending four years as the operations and research manager at a Category II Discretionary FSP. Francis joined the Glacier Research team in March 2015 and was the senior research and investment analyst, before taking up the role as head of Glacier Research in October 2018.

Geo Botha B.Com Honours, CFP ®

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