Ninety One Global Investment Summit

I recently went to a special event called the Ninety One Global Investment Summit at the Sandton Convention Centre. It was a great experience that reminded me how connected our world is and how we can all participate in global markets when it comes to money.

One of the exciting moments was when I saw the CEO of Ninety One, Hendrik du Toit, talking with Paul Mashatile, who is the Vice President of South Africa. They discussed how important it is for businesses and the government to work together to make South Africa better. They believe that collaboration between these two groups can create a brighter future for everyone in the country.

During the summit, I gained some important insights about investing.

They talked about the competition between the United States and China, two very powerful countries. They explained that changes in the economy often affect the stock market, so investors need to pay attention to these changes and how they might impact their investments.

They also discussed emerging markets, which are countries that are still growing and developing. In the past ten years, these markets didn’t do as well as developed countries. However, they mentioned that things can change in the next ten years, and emerging markets might become more attractive for investors. It’s important for investors to think about these changes and adjust their strategies accordingly.

Lastly, they talked about China’s government and how it’s changing the way it works. Instead of blocking companies, they are starting to listen to them and work together. The government now understands that private companies are essential for the country’s growth. This change in approach could create new investment opportunities for those interested in China.

In addition to these investment insights, they also discussed the risks that come with geopolitics. They explained that the world used to have only two major players, (USA and Russia) but now there are more powerful countries. South Africa is in a unique position as a country that can swing between these big players. While some people think we might go back to having just two major powers (now in the form of USA and China), it’s challenging to reverse the changes we’ve already made because our world is so connected.

To summarise, the Ninety One Global Investment Summit was an eye-opening experience. It emphasized the importance of collaboration between businesses and the government for South Africa’s future. The summit also provided valuable investment insights about the competition between the US and China, the potential of emerging markets, and the changing dynamics of geopolitics. It’s crucial for investors to stay informed and adapt to these changes to make wise investment decisions.

PJ Botha CFP ®, CA(SA)

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