The Art of Spending Money

Money is so complicated , there’s a scientific side to it, but then there’s the human element that can defy logic.  It’s personal and emotional.

Now most often we as human, financial advisors included like to talk about investing:  Where can we get double digit growth, what’s the next big stock to 10x or how will the elections influence my investment portfolio.  And while all off this is a very important part of financial planning, we neglect to talk and think about how we spend our money.

Reality is that if you have bad spending habits and you use all your income to cover your expenses, you will have nothing left to invest in the first place.

So, is there then an Art to spending your hard-earned money?  While it might not be exact science, in this video we discuss 3 points to think about before spending your money…

Watch our conversation here…

Geo Botha CFP® B.Com (Hons)

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