The 7 Key Decisions that Successful Women Make

I have listened to an interesting podcast by Valerie Burton and I thought it would be good to share with our female readers.

So often we underestimate ourselves, feel inferior or feel like a failure. The good news is this. It is just feelings, not the truth. Women are far more emotional than men and we deal differently with problems than men.

Each of us define success differently. A good definition for success is a harmony of purpose, resilience, and joy. Follow your passion.

  • Successful women think differently. They don’t downside their dreams – what dream did you bury?
  • They think about the solution and not the problem. Their focus is different.
  • They choose to be authentic. They trust to be themselves and that that will be enough. Who you are is enough for what you were meant to accomplish.
  • They choose courage over fear. Fear of failure, rejection or what other people may think or say.
  • They choose relationships wisely and nurture them intentionally. Stay away from negative and toxic relationships. Success means not doing it alone but sharing your path with others that care and believe in you. Happiness and success are contagious.
  • They actively seek feedback and use it to grow, even if it is negative feedback, if it is from a trusted person.  It could be painful, but if you use it to grow and not take offense or see it negatively, it could benefit you hugely.
  • They know their purpose and they take daily action toward their vision. They have a self believe and push through in hard times.

I will leave you with a question:

What gifts and talents have you received and how are other people’s lives better when they come across your path?

Yvonne Velthuysen

Photo by Becca Tapert on Unsplash

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