Every individual has different dreams, goals and needs. Similarly, every industry and field of business our clients work in, comes with different challenges and needs. At Bovest we cater to the specific groups below and address the specific needs that every industry face.

Business Owners / Entrepreneurs

Starting or running a business can often be very lonely with many positions being filled by a single person. You’ve pursued your passion and after many years of cold-calling, late nights and living on the breadline you’ve made it a success. Now you need someone to assist you in streamlining your finances to take your business and your personal life to the next level.

Medical Professionals

They study for years to obtain their degree and work under high-pressure situations. Together with having to be at the top of their class just to get into medicine and working with mostly type-A personalities, make these individuals very decisive and assertive. At Bovest we know that time is of utmost importance to these individuals, while great service and ease of doing business are non-negotiables. Being a one-stop destination for all their financial needs from a team of experts suits them perfectly.

Professional Athletes

The career of any athlete is very short and intense. Athletes are paid for rare talent and therefore their income can be very high at a very young age. They should be way ahead of their peers in financial terms, but we know that most of the time, this is not the case. Bovest advises to and manages these athletes’ financial and personal affairs from a young age to ensure they are financially set up when their careers end.

Professional employees

Working for medium to larger firms, these individuals often receive insurance, pension fund, and medical aid benefits through their employer. We make sure to incorporate these benefits when setting up a financial plan to guide the client throughout his career. We are also there to assist when they move away from their employer or industry, making the transition as smooth as possible.


They have worked many years to accumulate wealth and worked carefully with their money to hopefully have enough to last until the end of their life. They are risk-averse and don’t want to take any risk with the largest portion of their wealth. It is however very important to do the calculations and devise a plan to ensure the highest probability of their wealth to outlast their life.