We offer our clients a comprehensive financial service by assisting in various financial areas. As Bovest is an independent Financial Service Provider, we can offer our clients a wide range of products and solutions to ensure that their financial needs are met at various levels.

We are licensed to offer solutions from the following Financial Services Providers:

Our services include the following:

By doing a proper financial needs analysis for our clients, we are able to offer holistic financial advice. This holistic approach ensures that comprehensive financial planning, financial advice, retirement planning and investment planning strategies can be put in place for each client. This financial plan is reviewed regularly to monitor the achievement of the client’s financial goals.
As an independent Financial Services Provider, we offer a clients a wide range of investment options. These include investment vehicles which allow for monthly contributions as well as lump sum investments.
At Bovest we assist our clients in putting strategies in place to ensure that they are saving sufficiently towards their retirement. Once retired, we offer assistance with a financial strategy maintaining the desired level of investment income. This strategy is reviewed regularly to ensure that clients stay on track towards achieving their financial goals.
Whether you have a company that requires a medical aid scheme for employees, or you are an individual who needs health cover, we will discuss the options available to enable you to make the best decision.
Long term insurance such as life cover, income protection and dreaded disease cover, forms an important part in the overall financial plan of a client. Protecting yourself against these unforeseen events is all part of managing your financial affairs effectively. As some of these events could be life-changing, we assist clients with an insurance strategy.
Short term insurance is required to protect against any damage to your property. As Bovest is independent, we can offer several options to our clients including Santam, Discovery, Momentum, etc.
Having a proper will in place is extremely important as not having one, will cause unnecessary stress to loved ones in the event of your death. At Bovest we assist our clients by drawing up a will to ensure that your estate is dealt with as per your expressed wishes. We can also be appointed as the executor of your estate.
As your business (or your shareholding in a business) forms part of your personal estate, it needs to be incorporated into your financial plan. Consideration needs to be given to matters such as the continuity of the business in the event of death or any other unforeseen events which may expose the business to risk. At Bovest we assist our clients with the management of these risks.
Employee Benefits provides the platform to ensure that your employees and their loved ones will be looked after in the event of death, disability, or any other unforeseen circumstance.