At Bovest we know how fortunate we are to be able to build a business and employ people in a country with a very high unemployment rate. It is with this in mind that we want to give back to the community in every way we can and currently we are busy with two campaigns.

The F word - Finance

2 of our directors, PJ and Geo have started a Podcast show where they want to discuss financial concepts, comment on industry related news and interview exciting leaders of industry.
The Podcast will be available to all South Africans with the specific aim to reach those who cannot afford financial advice.

The Basis of Discussion

In school we learn all about Chronozones, Pythagoras, Trigonometry and Shakespeare. All topics that although they might be interesting, more often than not they are irrelevant and never

used. Yet we neglect topics that every person is sure to encounter in his or her lifetime. Topics like setting up a budget, paying tax, saving and basic financial terminology are swept under the carpet. We treat Finance like a swearword! Parents don’t talk to their children about money. It’s for Grownups and they chase the kids out of the room. Couples steer away from this topic and even if they do decide to talk about it, it ends up in a fight. Friends would also prefer to stick to more irrelevant “interesting topics like the weekend game or the new make-up range. The perception is that it’s: Boring, complex and a topic for ‘One -day’ More info available

The Atterbury Opvoeding Trust

Ons gee om vir studente en opvoeding en dus span ons saam met ons vriende by Atterbury om skenkings aan hulle trust te maak:

By Atterbury Trust glo ons in almal se potensiaal om hoë hoogtes te bereik, om die lewe voluit te lewe, om met talente te woeker. Dit is hoekom ons studiebeurse aan behoeftige jong mense met potensiaal toeken om hul drome te help bereik, nie net omdat ons kan nie, maar omdat ons wil.